5 Amazing Facts About Basenjis

5 Amazing Facts About Basenjis


Basenji dog breed was originally from Congo. They use both their scent and sight to hunt. These breeds are clever, endearing and a good companion.

They are commonly known as "Barkless Dog" and are one of the oldest natural breeds in the world. 

Basenji dogs are highly intelligent but are very stubborn. They might know and understand all the commands but being stubborn these breeds may actually not perform them. Learn more about Basenji dog breeds here.

Basenjis use their intelligence to demand your attention and get you to provide whatever it is they need or want.

Let's learn a little more about Basenji dogs. Here are 5 amazing facts about Basenjis:


1.) How old are you again?

basenji Pharaohs of Egypt

Basenjis have existed for a long time, hung out with ancient Egyptians and were kept as hunting companions. Experts believe they were gifted to the Pharaohs of Egypt, who loved Basenjis for their cat-like personalities and clean coats.


2.) They love hunting!

basenji hunting

 Basenjis were bred for hunting. They were used to flesh out the animals from their hidings and straight to the hunter's nets and keeping the villages rodent-free. Unlike other dog breeds, Basenjis use both sight and smell to find their prey.


3.) Hunting Lions!

basenji hunting lions

Basenji dogs are used to lure lions out of their caves in countries like Kenya. Hunters with the help of 4 Basenji dogs find Lions and get them out of their cave, Once they get out, hunters form a circle around the big cat.


4.) Yodel-ing around

Despite being known as the "Barkless Dog", Basenji's vocalization ranges from yodel to a hair-raising scream. 


5.) Basenjis love to keep clean

These dog breeds are independent hunters, often roaming free from their owners. They love handling themselves without anyone's help and love keeping their coats and paws clean. It's fun and easy to groom Basenji dogs for the owners as the dogs do much of the work themselves.

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