Pet Biopsy


Pet biopsy is a common procedure used to identify abnormal masses on your in your pet’s body, it not only helps determine if the growth is cancerous but also helps measure the severity of the disease. Sedation of the animal is required for this procedure. At Pet Care Hospital, we do Dog Biopsy and Cat Biopsy.


The procedure involves removal of the tissue sample from your pet’s body to be examined by a veterinary pathologist. The amount of tissue removal varies from a small portion of the growth in some cases. In other cases a number of tissue cells are removed for examining and in few cases the whole growth is removed and examined.

Dogs and Cats mostly develop lumps on their skin and a biopsy is required to be carried out in order to understand the nature of these abnormal growths (could be cancerous or noncancerous). Biopsy plays an important role in the confirmation of a diagnosis and hence timely cure of the problem your pet is facing.

Although biopsies are a safe, routine procedure but to reduce the risk of any anesthesia related complication it is advisable to carry out a full physical examination of the pet before a biopsy. The risk associated with this procedure depends on factors like overall health of the animal, body part to be biopsied and the number of samples to be taken.

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