Pet Laparoscopy


Laparoscopy is used to explore the pet’s abdomen with the help of two really small key-hole incisions. Using these incisions, a camera is put inside the abdomen and for a more thorough examination, the internal structures are magnified. Whereas the second incision allows the surgical instruments to perform surgeries like biopsy etc. Laparoscopy is the best alternative to the very painful, spay!


Laparoscopic is 70% lesser painful as compared to the traditional open spays.
Magnified view of internal organs allows for precise incisions with no tearing that are normally associated with traditional spays. Pet Care Hospital is proud to be the only hospital to provide Laparoscopy for your pets in India.

Other Applications

Cystoscopy: No incisions are required for this and is used for visualizing of the inside of the urinary bladder.
Rhinoscopy: It is helpful in the visualization of the nasal passages for assessing the upper respiratory diseases, removal of foreign bodies (foxtails, blades of grass, etc), and take biopsies.
Otoscopy: This helps in getting the magnified view of the ear canal that allows for a better visualization of the tympanic membrane and middle ear.
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