Blood Test

Blood Test


Pet Blood Test


Examining blood cell structure and count which is important in diagnosing and monitoring diseases and infections in your pet. At pet care hospital there are different tests carried out on red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in the blood. Dog blood test and cat blood test are carried forward by the highly experienced vet in Delhi, Dr. Satish Yadav.



Red Blood Cell: The amount of hemoglobin in the blood samples shows the oxygen carrying capacity of the RBCs. The RBC count test indicates the number of red blood cells per unit volume of blood. All three are indicative of any blood-related abnormalities or problems in your pet. Pet Care Hospital is considered safest for dog blood test and cat blood test services in Delhi.


White Blood Cell: We do all types of white blood cell tests, namely Neutrophils, eosinophil, Basophils, Monocytes and Lymphocytes to diagnose infections, allergies, tissue injuries and major diseases such as leukemia.
Platelets: The platelet test is an indicative of occurrence of autoimmune diseases, blood clotting disorders, and bone marrow problems

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