Basenji Dog

Basenji Dog

Basenji Dog

Learn about the temperament and personality traits of the Basenji Dog. Discover what it's like to live with, its traits and characteristics and how it generally behaves.

basenji dog

Basenji dog breed was originally from Congo. They use both their scent and sight to hunt. These breeds are clever, endearing and a good companion.

They are commonly known as "Barkless Dog" and are one of the oldest natural breeds in the world. 

Basenji dogs are highly intelligent but are very stubborn. They might know and understand all the commands but being stubborn these breeds may actually not perform them. 

Basenjis use their intelligence to demand your attention and get you to provide whatever it is they need or want.

Despite being known as the "Barkless Dog", Basenji's vocalization ranges from yodel to a hair-raising scream. 

Verdict: Basenjis love to play, although if you want a dog who'll fetch a Frisbee or tennis ball, look elsewhere — the Basenji is not for you. They are clean dogs with almost feline grooming habits.

If you keep an immaculate home, you will appreciate that Basenjis shed very little. Check out these 5 amazing facts about basenji dogs here.

Basenji's aren't amazing with younger kids but because of their high energy they can become good companions to older kids.

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