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Reasons for Itching in Dogs!

If you notice your dog biting and chewing his own skin, he may be suffering from pruritus, or itching. Itching is a symptom of another condition and is often your clue that something needs to be addressed. You may also notice hair loss or inflamed, red skin, or an increased anxiety in your dog. Pruritus


Why is Your Dog Losing Appetite?

While a Loss of Appetite is not unusual in dogs, it can mean that there is an underlying health condition, whether physical or psychological, present. The seriousness of your dog’s loss of appetite is dependent on why it is occurring. Some situations will be relatively minor, like if your dog ate something that has spoiled


Learn Everything about DOG SHEDDING

All dogs, with the exception of fully hairless dogs, shed. It’s the way that the canine body rids itself of old and damaged hairs so that new hairs can grow in. Some breeds, such as Alaskan Huskies and Malamutes, German Shepherds, and most Retrievers, tend to shed heavily naturally, while others like Poodles, Bichon Frise,

7 Most Popular Dog Breeds and their Health Issues

All dog breeds are amazing and friendly but these are 7 most popular dog breeds found all around the world.  1.) Siberian Husky: Siberian huskies are famous because they are beautiful and friendly. They are known for being sled dogs and having very high energy, but here we present some of the most famous huskies ever. Health

5 small dog breeds that will surely melt your heart

Best things come in small packages, especially when it comes to little paw balls of fluff who are small enough to carry around in your purse. See we aren’t trying to knock big dogs, but just for once try looking at our list of fluff balls and telling them that aren’t the cutest dogs in