American Water Spaniel Dog Breed

American Water Spaniel Dog Breed

American Water Spaniel

Learn about the temperament and personality traits of the American Water Spaniel Dog Breed. Discover what it's like to live with, its traits and characteristics and how it generally behaves.



American water spaniel is an excellent family pet, smart, obedient and affectionate. 

American water spaniels are medium-sized, muscular dogs that stand from about 15 to 18 inches tall and weigh 25 to 45 pounds (11 to 20 kilograms).

American water spaniel dog breed is smart, obedient, affectionate and known for getting along with other animals and children. They also make fine watchdogs. These are the characteristics that make them excellent family pets.

American water spaniel dog breed is moderately easy to train. It learns new commands fast enough and is neither difficult nor easy to train.

This dog breed loves wandering around and should be put in a fenced yard or on a leash. 

Verdict: If you are looking for a family dog who is obedient and loves children then you must go for American water spaniel dog breed. Just give them 20-30 minutes of daily exercise time and they will never bug you.

Also, keep in mind that these dogs love barking.

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