About Chartreux Cat

About Chartreux Cat

Chartreux Cat

 For starters, Chartreux cat loves flaunting its stocky body that tapers down to noticeably wiry legs with round paws. That's the reason why they are well known as "potato on toothpicks". But don't let its looks deceive you as they are very agile cats with the ability to move in a flash.


The Chartreux cat can be compared to a mime. They are silent but are communicative. 

A perfect day for the silent Chartreux cat breed consists of short playtimes with naps and meals. This cat breed is very attentive and a gentle companion who loves to stay around its people. 

The Chartreux cat loves getting attention especially belly and chin rubs. Yet this cat is not demanding whatsoever. 

This cat isn't a social butterfly like Burmilla cats. They aren't shy either but love observing their environment. 

This cat breed has a calm nature that makes Chartreux cats suitable to stay home alone for its treats and toys. 

They don't mind another cat or dog's company. This very reason makes them a good travel companion. Always treat him kindly and patiently, and you will be rewarded with a friend for life.

Verdict: Not at all a demanding cat for first-time cat owners. Chartreux love being around kids and other pets. Suitable for individuals living alone and seniors looking for a companion cat.

All that they need is a lot of climbing spots, and if your entire house is bedecked in very low, very minimal modern furniture – don’t expect this cat to live in it. At least without getting Chartreux cat a tree or three.

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