Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd Dog

Learn about the temperament and personality traits of the Australian Shepherd Dog. Discover what it's like to live with, its traits and characteristics and how it generally behaves.

Australian Shepherd dog

Australian Shepherd Dog will fit in well if you can provide them with lots and lots of regular exercise. 

They might try herding anything that comes in their way as they are made to herd. You will definitely need a fence to keep them away from the road.

They have good guarding instincts and will try to stay around the family at all times. They are amazing with children except for the occasional nipping at their heels to herd them into position.

Verdict: These dogs can be pushy as they are assertive by nature. Australian Shepherds love spending time with the family and aren't like the usual couch potato dogs. They love working out and need regular exercise. 

These breeds excel in obedience and agility competitions and are highly trainable. If you are looking for a paw companion whom you can give full-time attention then this dog is for you. But do not ever forget to keep it on top of your priority list!

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