Top 3 Dog Behavior Problems – Aggression to Family Members

Top 3 Dog Behavior Problems – Aggression to Family Members

Dog Behavior Problems

Does your dog get mad at your or shows a sudden onset of aggressive behavior? This can be caused by a serious medical issue. 

Sudden aggression in dogs is very rare and as veterinarians, we find that once we discuss the problem thoroughly with the pet parents, there have been warning signs in the past.

If your paw pal has truly never shown aggressive tendencies and does so suddenly, then the following points on dog behavior problems can help you learn some possible causes:


1.) Primary Brain Disease


There are many diseases that can affect brain tissues. Such diseases, when they reach the area of the brain that manages the behavior it's possible that a dog could show sudden changes in its behavior which includes aggression, strokes, tumors, and infections fo the brain.

Hence you must get your dogs evaluated by your veterinarian for sudden aggression. 


2.) Hormonal disease


Hypothyroidism which is one of the most common hormonal disease seen in dogs occurs in the middle age which is an autoimmune disease that destroys its own thyroid tissue leading to a great drop in the number of hormones produced by the thyroid gland and a decrease in the rate of metabolism is seen.

Another disease called the Cushing's disease involves an increase in the amount of cortisol produced in the dog's body. Cortisol is body's 'stress hormone'. Cushing's disease causes aggression. 

Lab tests done can help your veterinarian learn whether a dog has been exhibited sudden aggression may be affected. Don't take it for granted, get your paw pal checked.


3.) Drug Interactions

dog behavior problems


Certain medicines can spoil the effects of these drugs and produce a syndrome that is widely recognized called "Serotonin Syndrome".

It's said that the dogs can also experience 'Serotonin Syndrome', which can cause sudden aggression.

If you use SSRIs in your house then please keep them away from your dogs reach as it can also cause serotonin syndrome.


Is your dog going through such behavioral changes? Get your paw pal checked now!

Dr. Satish Yadav

(Director) Pet Care Hospital, graduated from Rajasthan University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences (RAJUVAS) in 2011, has over 6 years of experience as a Veterinary Practitioner. He is also a Consultant Veterinarian at South Asian University.

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