Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Learn about the temperament and personality traits of the Devon Rex cat. Discover what it's like to live with, its traits and characteristics and how it generally behaves.


Yes, these Devon Rex cats are unique looking with their odd-shaped head and a triangular structure with large ears and eyes. 

Devon Rex cats are very social and playful by nature. They love following their guardian throughout the house, snuggling with them and playing games.

Even though they don't like water too much, they won't think twice about braving tubs and showers just to be with their loved ones.

Devon Rex cats are so friendly that they love playing with young kids and even other pets, be it a cat or dog. They can even be friends with rabbits, ferrets or birds. 

Like other felines, these cats do not get aggressive easily and will just walk away in a rough situation. 

These cat breeds love jumping and climbing around and are excellent jumpers. They will try to wow you with their scrambling up ledges and high cabinets.

They are known as the "food hound". These cats love asking for scraps around the dining table and sometimes directly take food from the mouths of their humans. 

Verdict: Taking care of Devon Rex cats is very easy even for first-time cat owners. These cats are ideal for families with young kids and other pets but they will just need regular attention and affection from their humans. 

Just keep in mind that they love climbing and jumping around and can get very mischevious at times. Also, even though they might not shed as much as other cats they can give off the enzyme Fel d1 through their falling hair that can trigger allergic reactions in humans.



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