Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Learn about the temperament and personality traits of the Cornish Rex. Discover what it's like to live with, its traits and characteristics and how it generally behaves.

cornish rex

Cornish Rex cats have a unique coat. Their hair is very short, curly, and cropped very close to their body. Cornish Rex cats can be found in lavender, tortoiseshell, cream, black, red, blue, calico, white, pointed and bi-color patterns.

Don't get deceived by what you see. These cats are actually very playful, clownish and won't hesitate a bit to make you laugh. This means that Cornish Rex cats are always up for a game or two and have the liveliness of a kitten all their life.

They love getting all the affection from their family and are always down for a vigorous belly rub. But they aren't clingy! Good isn't it?

These cats are very intelligent and can be taught tricks, fetch, hide & seek etc easily. Cornish Rex cats love interactive games that give them bonding time with their humans and keep them moving.

They are extremely active feline and prefer to spend the majority of my time playing and exercising. These cats need a lot of space since they just love climbing and running.

Verdict: Cornish cats aren't demanding and can be handled by first-time cat owners. They don't shy away from strangers and are very social. These cats are quite patient with young children but do tend to show a hint of aggression only when they are handled roughly. But one thing that you must keep in mind is the large space that these cats require since they love running and climbing around. 

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